Friday, April 25, 2014

Introducing the rest of the crew...

Essa continues to do well and is filling out nicely.  Her mud wallow has mostly dried up, which makes for more flattering pictures.

She has discovered grass!  They've all been easing onto it as it comes up, and the paddock is big enough that she won't eat the grass faster than it grows.  So she's getting lots of stretching and strolling around as she grazes.  A couple of people have suggested starting to lunge her before she gets too fat and sassy, so I hope to do that in the next week or so.  I'm really curious about what, if any "apps" she has installed.

And who are "they"?  Time to introduce the rest of the herd!

Cody is a 17-year-old OTTB (off-the-track Thoroughbred) gelding, and my first horse.  I've had him for 4 years.  Unlike Essa, Cody was pretty much a failure as a racehorse.  That's OK because I don't have a burning need for speed.  He is pretty lazy - if I tried to get closer to take his picture he would wander off to avoid being caught.  The story that came with Cody was that he was a Hurricane Katrina rescue, and his previous career was doing Civil War reenactments.  No idea if any of that is true but it's a fun story.  He's described in dressage tests as "handsome" and "sluggish".  My handsome slug.

Honey is a 3-year-old Clydesdale mare that we've had for two years.  She is sweet and obliging, but has no idea what you're talking about.  Her training for the last year has mostly been about manners and handling.  She was in her own paddock until we got tired of repairing the boards she would push through to be on Cody's side.  Now they're together, with no issues at all.    She is something to behold when she's excited and running around.  

There's a couple of dogs too...

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