Friday, March 28, 2014

A little more history

So it's been a week with Essa.    

She has a moderate-to-high fecal egg count and the vet recommended fenbendazole (Safeguard).  The management guidelines I've been following have quite a protocol for worming, so I will start with those directions for the Safeguard.  It's a mild dewormer which shouldn't create too much havoc in her gut, especially if I give two half-doses 3 days apart to start.  

I contacted Alexis at Second Start Thoroughbreds and received this hearfelt response:

Essa was in the program in 2011.  She was sold in the fall as a resale project to a girl in the fall of 2011.  She was sold relatively quickly by that girl. I know she has gone through many hands since and has been poorly treated by most of those people.

Essa retired sound from the track.  She had 58 starts and was a very good racehorse.  She had the potential to be a low level eventer, easily, if she had found better people than she did.  Essa had a great work ethic and loved to train.  She was not a hard keeper at the track, which makes you wonder what is wrong with everyone who has owned her since.

She deserves far better than she has received.  This was a mare who had incredible potential who sadly ended up in a cycle of horrific owners.  If you don’t mind, I would love to hear how she is doing/recovering this time.  God willing, this is the last time she will be starved.
Thank you.

She also sent a nice little video from her time there:

It's really encouraging to see her looking healthy, and gives me something to aim for.  She looks like quite a solid classy girl!

 I had a nice long chat with Alexis at Second Start today.  She knows that Essa has moved around by the emails like mine that she's received in the past, and knows of at least three homes since the fall of 2011. She probably hasn't had much retraining since she left the track.

I haven't gotten very consistent or accurate results with the weight tape, but I'm positive her back end looks a little better.  Hopefully the weather over the next few days will lend itself to some new pictures.

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