Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vet check

I had the vet out today to check Essa out, and she did quite well.

Based on the history I've been able to put together - thanks, Google! - Essa got the usual core vaccines and shouldn't need a West Nile Virus booster.

She didn't care for having her teeth checked at all.  I had to push her back into her stall, and I could feel her heart going like a rabbit!  But with a light tranq the vet was able to do a manual float, which should help her get more out of her hay.

The vet also noted that she'd had a Caslick procedure and that this was good, otherwise she would need it done.  Suffice to say it involves her "lady parts" and that I'm glad that it's an operation she doesn't need.

Results from the fecal sample will determine whether she is up-to-date and can be wormed with the other two, or whether she will need her own routine.

Her legs are pretty clean and consistent with her race history.  We didn't look at her movement at all - that can wait until she's in better weight.  The verdict today was that aside from weight, no dire issues are apparent that would keep her from doing the kind of low-level work I'd like to do with her.

She's been getting 6 lb of hay 4 times a day since Monday.  The vet said she should be fine with free choice anytime now but I think I'll stick to the guidelines I've been following.  That will give her 9 lb 3 times a day for the next week starting tomorrow.  Then I can start adding grain and beet pulp.  I'm sure Essa will be very happy about that.  She knows what dinner time is when Cody and Honey get grain, and she knows that she isn't getting any.

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