Friday, May 23, 2014

Can't get used to losing you

It seems we have some separation/herd-bound issues.

While I was out giving Cody a good lunge the other day, Honey was doing her best to break through the fence to her new best friend Essa.  Even though they make nasty faces at each other over the fence all the time.  Fixed those boards, resolved to move Essa to the paddock diagonal to Honey when Cody's not there.  Good plan!

Since Essa had lunged decently in the arena, I thought it was a lovely day to work her outside and enjoy the bigger space.  So I happily led her in, all's well.  Until she got in her stall.  I barely got the door closed when she went tornado, spinning and calling - and she is LOUD.  I managed to get her lead off and get out of the stall, thought I'd wait it out.  She did not stop.

Cody gets a little nutty in his stall when I bring him in alone to work, but he gets the plan once he's being groomed.  Essa doesn't have that plan installed yet, and she doesn't much care for grooming.  So I decided to cut my losses, put her back out, and figure out separation issues.

From what I understand, I have to convince them that I'm just as good a leader as any of their pasture mates.  So I'll keep at the groundwork and giving her a job when I take her away.  The next day I played a little "into the barn, out of the barn" with Essa, which felt silly but, well, might help...We've also been mixing up the order coming in for supper.

So I keep having to downsize my grand plans but I guess that's all part of the process.  Working her after supper when they're all in is fine.  I did get her lunging outside last night, and I hope to have presentable video up very soon!

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