Friday, May 9, 2014

Introducing rain rot!

There's a (bacterium that acts like a) fungus among us.

She's been shedding A LOT, but it's been slowing down.  Except for some areas that were kind of gray and extra-cruddy.  Then the hair started coming out in tufts.  That ain't right...

I've never had to deal with rain rot before, so yet another learning experience.  It's along her back, rump, and inside hind legs.  So it's no coincidence that she's been very sensitive, even intolerant (cow-kicking!), to grooming along her back and flanks.  She's been that way since the start, but I just chalked it up to her having no "padding" over her bones and tried to be gentle.

Parts of her coat are starting to look good, but I don't think we'll be seeing those dapples this year.

"Race-fit" in 2011

I suppose it's been hiding out under her winter coat.  She probably had a wet winter without much blanket changing.  So between rough turnout conditions, being underweight and probably not having a great immune system...there you go.

The treatment suggestions are endless - things you'd expect like Betadine, and less obvious choices like Listerine, diaper cream, Head N Shoulders, and garlic (!).  So I'm grooming out what I can, spraying her with Banixx, and I'll give her a Head N Shoulders bath this weekend.  Mmmm, green apple!

Here's her latest progress picture.  I'm still having no luck getting her attention and getting her head up for a picture.  She's not easily distracted and won't. Stop. Grazing.  Which isn't really a bad thing.

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