Friday, May 16, 2014

Finding out what apps are installed

I started flipping through my copy of Beyond the Track today, and remembered what a great reference it is.  Leading has been an issue coming in at night - Essa is last because that's how the paddocks go, and gets very upset and rude.  I also found out the other night that bathing is not an installed app.

They were all extra-nutty this evening, having a rolling splashing mud-licious good time.  The book recommends a shank over the nose, so I read up to make sure I was doing it right and tried it on Essa and Cody.  Voila!  They both gave me the "yes, ma'am" treatment.  Very nice.  I'm positive that's a result of their track experience, and it's definitely a tool that I won't be afraid to use again if need be.

Honey isn't keen on the hose for bathing either - hoses are for drinkin'!  So I resolved to back things up and read up on bathing.  I found a nice soft setting on the hose nozzle, started with feet and a plan to see how far up I could go.  I got about half-way up Honey's legs; Essa barely tolerated her feet.  But now I have a plan, so we don't have to power through and hope nobody gets hurt - which is what I did the first time.  I don't think Essa has had much steady training, so treating her as if she's fresh off the track may be the way to go.

On the good side, I did a little lunging with Essa.  She was lovely and well behaved, even a little lazy.  So that's a positive end to today - with a long weekend to look forward to, I hope to have more updates soon!

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